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Why Choose Wyse Dryers

Sludge Dryers

World reknown dryers offer gentle handling,internal fans for heat circulation and distributing, frequent transfers for product uniformity.

Municipal Sludge

Used in Municipal Sludge Plants, Bio Waste and other biological applications. Some bi-products like fertilizer and fuel.

Odor & Dust Free

Wyse Dryers offer high performance machinery for thermal drying of sludge to eliminate odors and dust.


Wyse Dryers designs, manufactures and services its high quality, reliable Sludge Dryer Thermal Processor using Wyssmont technology, worldwide to the Sludge Industry in the US and Canada.

Wyse Dryers also furnishes auxiliaries such as feeders, lumpbreakers, airlocks, dust collectors, scrubbers, condensers, burners, and other types of heaters, sludge conveyors, and coolers.

Our Test Lab requires only a few pounds of wet material per test and the results provide direct scale up to any production capacity.

Wyse Dryers are available for Rent to confirm test results and provide larger quantities of dried product for evaluation or test markets.

Testimonials From Our Clients:

The Wyse Dryer besides needing very little operator attention, dried our municipal sludge safely and with a hygienic working environment. We highly recommend it as a long lasting drying solution to any municipal sludge.
Repingtigny Quebec Canada - Plant Supervisor

The Wyse Dryer is able to work with almost no attention. You turn the unit on and forget about it. Very reliable system, out of all our equipment this one I would recommend again and again.
Milwaukee Municipal Sludge Plant - Plant Manager


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