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Pilot Rental

A Model L-24 WYSE-DRYER™  


This unit is available for rental for use in the client’s plant.

The unit is equipped with a specially designed hot air delivery manifold system with baffles that further prevents hot inlet air from coming into direct contact with the sludge on the drying trays.  Wyse Dryer Brochure

The Turbo fans delivers a uniformly distributed and controlled lower temperature hot air mixture across the sludge material and across the entire vertical structure of the WYSE-DRYER™ internals.

As a result the product is exposed to a uniform temperature-drying atmosphere.  Also the vertical structure of the unit and its dampened manifold enables precise control at different levels of the tray dryer.  The WYSE-DRYER™ Thermal Processor operates under a mild to slight vacuum.

  • Unit Dimensions: 6’ Diameter x 12’ Height
  • Skid Mounted System
  • 304 SS construction for all internal surfaces
  • Variable speeds for trays and TURBO-Fans
  • Multiple Screw Feeder
  • Dual External Heating System, electric and propane burner
  • Fresh air supply fan
  • Interconnecting ductwork with control dampers
  • Control panel with mounted controls and instrumentation

Low odor characteristics of the dried sludge product were corroborated by a certified third-party lab specializing in odor measurement testing.

Samples from 3 sources can be taken from the following areas:

  • Dried sludge product
  • Ambient air in proximity to the dryer (out-loading area)
  • Dryer exhaust

Auxiliaries to Rental Dryer Include:

Dual External Heating System, electric and propane burner.

Multiple Screw Feeder

Control Panel