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Testing Lab

Lab testing is thorough and frequently reveals characteristics about the product, which are new to the client. The prospect receives a complete test report with drying curve and air material temperature profiles, plus a sample of the dried product.


Tests are run in the unique Wyssmont laboratory dryer, designed to allow accurate scale-up to 20,000 lbs./hr quantities in the WYSE DRYER™. Tests are run on a 2-3 pound sample. Wyssmont is alone in being able to guarantee the scale-up from tests on such small samples. This is a significant advantage when piloting is not feasible.


Wyse Dryer’s Test lab requires only a few pounds of wet material per test and the results provide direct scale up to any production capacity. because it will stay in one place and can show up in the site navigation.

Based on results of laboratory tests performed on wet product samples, the WYSE DRYER™ dryer installed at the wastewater facility demonstrated highly successful performance.

A 5-10 pound sample of wet material and a few ounces of satisfactory dried product for comparison are required for testing. An extra feature of the Wyssmont lab is that many tests can be run in a short period of time.

There is a set fee per day for drying or cooling. Most tests are completed in two days. In unusual situations, where special preparations or precautions are required, the home office will quote a customized fee. The charge only partially defrays Wyssmont cost. If a WYSE DRYER™ is purchased as a result of the test, the fee is normally credited to the customer.